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As an Andover Eye patient, you will gain direct access to our network of independent eye specialists. These professionals rank among the nation’s top ocular surgeons and ocular experts.
You can feel confident in your eye health, knowing that these top Boston-area physicians provide you with comprehensive consultations using state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic equipment.

Contact Lenses & Glasses

Andover Eye’s highly experienced, Board-Certified optometrists have extensive training on the cornea, contact lenses, and the fitting of specialty contact lenses including Keratoconous. At Andover Eye, we believe patients deserve a personalized experience to customize their glasses or contacts to look great and fit perfectly. Click here to book a consultation appointment.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

At Andover Eye, your comprehensive eye examination will include a series of thorough evaluations:

  1. Visual Functioning: Checks numerous eye functions, such as visual clarity, eye focus and coordination.
  2. Eye Assessments: Patient's eyes, retinas, optic nerves, cornea and lens, are skillfully analyzed to verify their health and condition.
  3. Contact Lens Evaluation: Our contact lens specialist will evaluate your current contact lenses and eyes to ensure that your lenses fit properly and are the most effective to meet your specific needs.
These tests will allow for early detection of ocular disease and aid in fitting you with any appropriate eyewear. To schedule an appointment, or to receive additional information, call or email us today: